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Restore  Renew  Revive...People Places & Purposes
Our Vision...YOU Fulfilling Your Vision

About - Northern Praise Ministries (NPM)

NPM supports artists who want to make their mark while staying true to their faith and creative direction. Michelle, our founder, is a playwright, author, singer, songwriter, recording artist and Juno Award-winning executive producer.  In short, she truly understands the heart of the artist and uses this knowledge to support and connect creative people in a way that respects their character and beliefs.

Northern Praise Ministries Inc. (NPM) a registered charity which has helped thousands of artists achieve success through practical and spiritual means;

helping others in their ministries.  Our fundraising efforts through NPM events have supported many people of faith, who would not otherwise have been able to do so, in their efforts to spread God's word locally and around the world.