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Clarion Call

Posted on 25 February, 2018 at 0:55 Comments comments (2)
THE YEAR OF 2018: The Clarion Call of 2017 is Manifesting in 2018: God's Clarion Call went out last year, and people with Ears to Hear in the Spirit heard it, and answered it! God is bringing forth a Body from within the Body - A Birthing of a Remnant of Life-Giving Spirits! Established in their Identities and Assignments as they will cause a Ripple Effect to Change a Nation - One Person at a Time! Personal Revival of Many Faces in Many Places - Each Authentic Individual Multiplying and being Fruitful - Representing and Reproducing Heaven on Earth! Unconditional Love, Authentic Relationships, and Identity Transformation (Not Behaviour Modification). Intimacy before Fruitfulness, and Love before Duty! Saul's Kingdom Establishment is being replaced by David's Motley Crew - Coming out of the Caves of Adullam - From the Background to the Forefront! Adullam means Justice for the People! Judges being Raised and Released, not to Judge the People, BUT to bring Justice to the People! #DavidsMotleyCrew