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Northern Praise Ministries

Meet Michelle

Michelle Sim


Michelle has a long history of helping other believers from a broad denominational spectrum to come into their destiny in Christ.  Along the way, Michelle has modeled, that ‘If God has asked you to do it, you need to do it!  No excuses!’, regardless of seemingly limited abilities or finances. Thus, Michelle founded Northern Praise Ministries, Inc., in(1991) and is a singer/songwriter, has recorded 4 CDs, was executive producer of the CD Yemisi Ogunjimi and the Juno Award winning Best Gospel CD Legacy of Hope by Deborah Klassen.  Michelle also wrote and produced 2 plays that were performed at The Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts; written 3 books:Adventures with Jesus…YIKES!, My Son, My Gift…Living with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and most recently, The Woman.  

Michelle has facilitated many conferences and regional meetings to help mature people, both personally and professionally, those called to a life of purpose. Since 1986, Michelle has been an ordained minister and is also a gifted humorist and motivational speaker and exhorter to the Body of Christ.  Some of the workshops Michelle offers to service groups and companies are: "Working with the Mentally Challenged", "The Best for Your Company & Those with ASD" and "Inspiring Your Team for Greatness".  Michelle is based out of Oakville, Ontario.  More details can be found at  

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a person who travels from place to place.
"itinerant teacher" "itinerant minister" "itinerant consultant"
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