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Our Vision...YOU Fulfilling Your Vision

    The  R  Factor Ministries 

Restore  Renew  Revive...People Places & Purposes
Our Vision...YOU Fulfilling Your Vision

Itinerant(s) - Donald &/or Carolyn Woods

Donald and Carolyn...   Love people!


Collectively with over 50 years experience in consulting, teaching, and in business, their constant pursuit in life, is to help others understand their true identity and fulfill their dreams and visions. 


But most importantly, helping others further develop their abiding relationship with Jesus. 


Believe... Receive... Conceive... ACHIEVE!!!  

The R Factor Ministries

Meet Donald & Carolyn Woods

Donald Woods


Donald's passion is for people to know who they are, whose they are and who they're called to.  Donald delivers a powerful message, one of encouragement and freedom.  A message that has its foundations in a background of years of addictions and bondages, including alcohol, drugs, prison, organized-crime and rock bar owner.  In 1995, Donald had an encounter with the living God, in a visible glory cloud that filled the room and remained on him for five hours.  This encounter radically set him free from his addictive corrupt lifestyle, and launched him on a pursuit, to apprehend the reason he was apprehended. 

Donald has been an ordained minister for 17 years, has taught in two bible schools and spoken and served in a various church gatherings and ministries in Canada.  Donald is the co-founder of The R Factor Ministries with his wife Carolyn, is an itinerant speaker, and is currently hosting a new work that has started in Toronto, Freedom Reigns. 

Through his unique experiences and intimate relationship with the Lord, he has developed an in-depth knowledge of the word of God and a revelatory teaching gift.  Donald has been given a mandate to teach the church about the freedom and destiny that is carried with His glory and about his amazing grace and love.  If you are interested in having Donald speak at your conference, ministry event or service, please fill out the form below and we will be delighted to connect with you. 

Carolyn Woods


Carolyn's deep desire is to see people succeed!  With decades of experience in the tech industry and ministering in various capacities, Carolyn assists people in discovering who they truly are in God and how to tap into their unlimited potential.  Carolyn has helped numerous people discover what sphere of society they are called to, consulting them on how to discover and express their God given gifts and talents in every sector of society.     She truly is a hybrid business / minister consultant and carries God into every area of life.  

Carolyn speaks in business events, local church gathering settings and ministry conferences, communicating “God is in everything, in everyday life”.  She helps people have a deeper understanding of the technology industry, why technology is important, and how we can all leverage technology as a cost effective way to engage with people, having a positive impact on society.  Spreading the good news around the world and living life on purpose with passion!  Carolyn is a  co-founder of the R Factor Ministries and co-hosts local weekly gatherings in and around the Toronto area, called Freedom Reigns.  If you are interested in having Carolyn speak at your conference, ministry or business event, please fill out the form below and we will be delighted  to connect with you!



a person who travels from place to place.
"itinerant teacher" "itinerant minister" "itinerant consultant"
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